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How did you get so big?
You know, I think it's because of all that chocolate cake I eat (as if you didnt know THAT wasnt coming..LOL)

34,000,000 pageview per month and and even an Alexa rating under 20,000. It's because of all the women who want me

Actually I was posting not to answer the question....but so that someone could tell me more about this "co-registration". What is it? How does it work? and how does it get you more traffic?

Let me explain my thoughts and the situation I am in. One of our services (the free hosting part) is booming. Unfortunately, free hosting isnt really a profitable game. It's good (terrific actually) for using as a promoting ground for other free (or really cheap) services. However, I wish our pay hosting got as many hits or signups as the fre side does (which aint never gonna happen), but that's dreaming anyway. I can at least make deals to increase it's signups.

Let me explain what I am "thinking" it is. Someone signs up for our free hosting.....they are then automatically registered with someone else? If that's the case, what would I gain from it? I dont gain anything by that person signing up with my free hosting except increased cost of hosting yet one more person for free. So if I have the idea of this right.....there could be other arrangements made, correct? For example, you put ads on your pages fro my "pay" hosting in return for a membership gain from co-registration in our system?

Will someone please let me in on this co-registration knowledge?
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