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What gained all the traffic for me was those sites where they rank you depending on the amount of hits you send them? I know everyone knows what I'm talking about.
Tops... "Tops 100 blahblah sites" are good source for easy-to-get trafiic but I am doubtful about its quality.
But I say my traffic now comes by word of mouth because I'm not really ranked high on search engines.
I know what you are talking about. Returning visitors! They are the Key. No matter where your visitor has come from (search engine, tops, etc.) - the visitor has come to your site to see your content. If it is good, unique, superb, up-to-date content - this visitor will come again, right to your site (through bookmarks, type-ins, etc.), and may be with one (or two) friends <--- That's the main source of traffic for me. And it isn't depends significally on search engine rankings (although I'm ranked surprisely high).
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