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Marty Winston
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I don't know of any ad servers that skip counting ads that don't display. If your site has the HTML call to the server, that gets counted, whether or not the user sees it.

Which addresses CPM income.

Certainly that doesn't help the CTR or CPA/CPS income.

So what?

When you turn a geek away, you also turn away his value as a smart-@ss advice giver to those who aren't AR enough to block ads.

If you do enough volume, you can serve those ads yourself, which thwarts the blockers, and still send the appropriate info back to the payment processors - low volume, you're not worth the bother.

I have to say, though, overall this is sounding like a really cheapskate approach, and I feel uncomfortable on sites that treat people that way - even though I'm not blocking ads.

Are there more out there like me?

If so, you're plotting a dangerous course.
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