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so i get on here and read again about this chick who feels like a failure cause she "only" gets 25,000 hits per day.

ha ha ha,

I'm that "chick".

I came to this category looking for tips and found this great thread (with lots of helpful info).

It is all relative I think. I remember when I was getting 3000 page views a day and thought it wouldbe so GREAT to get 10,000, then 20,000. Now I get 30,000 and hear of people getting 250,000/day and want that. If they can do it I can do it, I have a high quality site, with a lot of content.

I find that updating my content daily really increases visitors (and i advertise the new content on my main page)...but that is hard to do....timewise, and difficult to find (or write) relevant, high quality content to add.

Getting media mention is helpful too. But that tough...and a whole other thread. (but I'm no expert).

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