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Arrow When will we see a significant correction?

I thought it might be interesting and educational to determine what Webmasters/Publishers and Merchants think about the current state of the net economy and when we will see a significant correction.

IMHO, you can't run a business without a "plan" and a clear understanding of what your revenue is today and what factors will influence your revenue in the future. Income and expenses which you can control and or optimize and other factors which you can't control.

Please only vote once. Please tell us why and when you think the correction will occur in a given quarter/year and what "indicators" support your theory.

Definitions for a Q (a calendar quarter):

Q1 - January through March
Q2 - April though June
Q3 - July through September
Q4 - October through December

Edit of 2-16-02 (Thanks)

Significant correction: Each of us may have a slightly different view on what this term means. If we equate site revenue to CPM then perhaps a return to the days of a $2.00 CPM for an entertainment site or a pre tax net income for a Company which resembles the 1999-2000 levels. If we agree that an average CPM is 0.50 in a given space and it improves to 1.00 over an extended period of time, then that would be a significant correction.

Net Economy: Each of us may use a different revenue model. Your own perspective from your own site or Company. I'm trying to determine how each revenue model is performing on a given type of site or Company and stimulate some "big picture" thinking.

Your Help: If you have a suggestion for a new Poll, please only use our BB Feedback Form and send me your ideas and details. Some of our best Polls come from members, so your comments are always appreciated.

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