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Question What is your favorite HTML editor?

Introduction: Polls are not a perfect yardstick but they can lead to quality discussions. This Poll attempts to list the major tools used to create sites. It would also fit in our new Coding Forum but seems a more likely fit in this Forum because of the design considerations. Please only vote once. If you use two or more editors, please vote for the one you use the most. Please tell us why you prefer a given editor over the others. If your editor is not listed, please vote "Other" and then tell us why you use it. Details will help all of us learn.

I use Dreamweaver 4 and TextPad. Dreamweaver for it's WYSIWYG feature and common UI and integration with Fireworks and Flash. I don't like some of the proprietary technology which FrontPage uses and the zillion little files it leaves on your server. I also like Dreamweaver's "split screen" view of the code and the page for quick edits. Dreamweaver doesn't change my code like FrontPage does. I even used it to modify dozens of the vBulletin templates you are using.

TextPad is great for little snippets of HTML code and has some features that a bulky HTML editor does not. My favorites: join lines, a zillion documents open at the same time in a single window, line numbers, a fast search and replace, and compare files. I also use this tool to edit scripts.

TextPad --->
Dreamweaver --->
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