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That was a very short post that didn't consider many very important factors. In many cases, what is suggested isn't practical. New pages are added. Content needs to be updated. In both cases that would be changes and they are important changes that need to be made. Over a period of time, many changes could be required to be made. Not making too many changes to a site could actually be very harmful.

Very often a site has competition. The competition makes changes. New sites also come along. Search engines are often responsible for a large percentage of traffic to those sites. The competition and new sites can be going up in the search engine results pages while you are going down. Changes would be required in order to improve your position in the search results. Failing to make helpful changes is going to cause your earning to decline as you continue to fall in the search results and your traffic continues to slide while rising for the competition.

If a person follows the very solid suggestions given in this thread, a person can make the changes they need to make or should make and still avoid trouble.

Edit: Even if a person doesn't want to make changes for these reasons, they should feel free to make changes to their site whenever they want for whatever reason they want without fear of having their AdSense account suspended as a result.

If a person doesn't try anything sneaky they aren't likely to have problems. Most of the time people run into problems when they are trying to do things they shouldn't be doing.

1. People should read and understand the AdSense Terms Of Service.
2. Read and understand the tips supplied by Google that will help you avoid being suspended from AdSense.
3. Contact Google to ask them about anything you want to do if you aren't sure if it is allowed.
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