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Default Some more keys to a successful site

Since this thread has been brought back to life, I thought I would add some more keys to a successful site since it has been close to one year since someone last added a tip to this thread.

Some person just getting started might find this thread to be very useful to them. So I am hoping more Geek/Talk members will add some keys to a successful site that would be helpful.

It is even possible that someone who isn't just getting started could be helped by this thread if they are having problems with their site being as successful as they would like for it to be.

Your site could possibly benefit a great deal if you learn about blogs and RSS feeds and put them to use.

A blog can be successful on its own. But you can use your blog to help your site. Of course you would have a link to your site on your blog, but you can also use your blog as a promotional vehicle for your site. With RSS feeds people can subscribe to your blog. isn't the only choice you have for a blog. It is one of many choices you have. But it is free, plus it will automatically create feeds to make it possible for people to subscribe to your blog.

Try to create a good and interesting blog that is loaded with content. You could end up having a successful blog, plus you will be able to use your blog to increase traffic to your website.
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