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Originally posted by Jan
This at least gives the surfer an option

"We have determined that you are using some sort of ad-blocking software or using a browser that downloads our site to your machine.<P> Please understand that we are able to provide this content free because of our Sponsors (ads) and if you choose to block them, we will be unable to display the pages, if people continue to block our sponsors ads using ad-blocking softwares then we will be forced to charge for the content and we do not wish to do this so Please shut of your ad-blocking software and revisit our site."

If you are going to do this (anti adblockers) and maybe retain a few visitors, then put something like this in. That way there is a choice - to enter or not to enter.

Just be nice
i was thinkong something upon that line redirect them to a page to sign up for a ad-free serivce as in they pay to not see ads... that way they turn their anti ad ware off and login ( or cookied already read login from yesturday) and they browse site ... other users get it free with ads.. and can always opt for a ad free option .. this only works if the ad option is still making you money otherwise you may have to switch totaly pay for contaent subscription.....
also as ALWAYS the adult wolrd is a head of us.. hmm i don't know if this will get edited since doesn;t want to mention hm mthat stuff rules hmm how can i say this well adult targeted sites have system where like related sites share a login subscri9ption site.. for example adult check.. if your site fits into a category of other pop ular sites for this sort of system that might be wanted by the user maybe a buy subscription toout site for $ but if you buy this subscription you get these sites for less $ then you would nromal pay for each that way they get a nice deal if they want to see 12 sites addfree ....

a lot of sites are going to paid subscrptions goofball for one.. napster... just hope your site doensl;t depend on your vistors for content like napster and such or with the paid services ( if you choose to go that route) will cut the content ;[

anyways back to the main thing if they use a adware i say give them a option send them to a page with text ads and also a thing about how much the are leeching and they can get the adfree solution they want for a small fee... don't get to imutional like my kids ar starving to death but you can push a little on that point.. rather push on how good your content is and for a small 5 cents a day you can get it ad free and support us
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