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I currently use phpadsnew. It's on a shared server and performed very poorly when I had high traffic over my last season (I have a hockey-related site that is obviously very seasonal). However, I realized this was probably due to shared account limits, etc. and have been planning to move it over to one of my own servers now that I have a bit more free time. Buuut, after reading so many peoples' problems with server load, etc. it makes me very timid to move it. I also really would like an advertiser to sign up and possibly pay through the system for what they'd like (with me setting limits, approving banners and possibly giving discounts, etc.)

I saw someone post AdRevenue by on SitePoint. It looks like a possible alternative for me. I love free, but don't mind paying for something that may bring revenue to me easier. was another posted.

They each like they have plenty of features, however I don't know anyone that uses either to get an outside opinion.

I do like that the developer of AdPeeps posts a phone number. That usually ups my confidence in a web-product.

If anyone has experiences with either, I'd love to hear them.
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