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Originally posted by w3exit
I wonder if anyone has already implemented it on a network wide basis?
It's only been tested by one provider so far and the results were decent. Impressions and CTR were both higher (which validated our own tests), while ROI is still being evaluated. We've had interest from providers who would like to implement it, however some exciting things are in the works that may put that off for a few weeks.

In fairness, I'd like to point out that one publisher using fastclick noticed a decrease in CTR. We have a good 8 or more showing CTR gains, so it's possible it was a fluke .. or perhaps there is another variable eluding us.

Paypopup was using it, and is still using it.
Paypopup is using one of my earlier free versions. It will give ~5% increase in impressions. The new one has that method build in as well, in addition to two others; when combined should net a 15% improvement on impressions. If the popup is standard (fixed) and set to display as a layer or force popped, we're seeing a 20%+ increase in impressions.

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