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Danka Chris

Both David of HDM and Mr. Orion Holtby are members of GV with posting priviliges. Lace up your armor boys and lets see Mr. Holtby talk to David. Maybe we could throw DR into the mix for some after dinner entertainment. I would love to hear the other side of the story in a civil and respectfull fashion as I'm sure NYAG Spitzer would.

I said it on Wayne's blog so I guess I can do a fair use exstraction of my own post LOL:

"...Respectfully, some of YOU Network geeks who insist on doing business with any old Tom or Jane could use a lesson in due dillegence.

To whit, a bunch of 20 something Publishers understand what needs to be done. Do YOU?

Take a gander at this thread which of course features none other than Orion and carefully read it. Exibit Y at: .."


I'm so very proud of our members for the due dillegence which they perform.

Note: Soon the Google bot will visit and spider those names in the topic title.

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