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Ben, I also run two established gaming sites - one cheat collection and an online gaming arcade - and they make less money from banners than any of my other sites. There are great opportunities out there for gaming sites, such as the searchbox programs, exit popups, and affiliate programs run by, Electronics Boutique or similar.

You will not gain representation from market-leading DoubleClick by yelling at the CEO on the phone. Kevin Ryan has better things to do with his time than argue with the webmaster of some unlaunched gaming destination.

Oh, and Sonar closed their network off to game and entertainment sites months ago, so you won't have luck with them either, no matter how many times you swear at our mothers.

If you can get $0.50 Net CPM through FastClick, Engage, FocusIN, ValueClick or AmazingMedia, you should be happy with that, and think about increasing your revenue through sources other than banners.

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