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Cool Most Complete List of Online Revenue Sources...

Hello all and Good Day. It's been a while since I've been back here but it looks like things slowed down on the forum, and all the internet, or at least big time for me.

I'd like to start a fresh ongrowing thread of ALL reputable net companies for publishers to sign up and make money with from their website. This list will hopefully take off with everyone contributing ANY and ALL websites they know about and a SMALL comment for each company (around 10 words or less of your opinion on the company). No absolute blasting or foul language but please be honest always. This is for the benifits of EVERY webmaster out there, and a good research project as well. There are no current lists anywhere, so this is a good idea I believe.

Absolutely NO referral urls please, this thread is NOT to post your referal link to another company and make money from, the admins here will ban you for that and I do not want to get blamed. Direct URLS to MAIN PAGE please, not signup page.

I'll start this thread off with listing ALL the companies I have heard of and hopefully each and everyone that reads this thread can ADD MORE listings. Admins, if this thread takes off, it will be one EXCELLENT thread to make sticky.


Here we go:

Banners - Excellent source of high CPC. - Excellent source of CPM, very hard to get accepted. - Good source of CPM, slightly hard to get accepted. - Good source of CPC, not as good as Google Adsense. - Good Source of CPM, moderately hard to get accepted. - CPC, Relatively new but good, pays on time. - CPA/CPL, Excellent source for Leads. - CPA/CPL, VERY Excellent source for leads. - CPM, good payrates. - CPM, good payrate. - CPM//CPC/CPA/CPL, very large database of advertisers. - CPA/CPL, for some websites, this is a BIG MONEY MAKER, for others pennies.

POPUPS - High Paying CPC, Been around a long time. - VERY high payout, good rate but does not shave stats. - Good, Pays for traffic from ALL countries. - Good, Pays for traffic from ALL coutries.

I know that is a VERY small list right now, I will add on more as they come to me, I can't think of any more right now. PLEASE feel free to add ANY and ALL other companies you can, hopefully this thread will get alot of attention and help alot of n00b webmasters and the older webmasters out with finding new companies.

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