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I've been wanting to offer merchandise on one of my sites since it started over a year ago & didn't think I had any options but to spend a lot of money to have the items made, set up a shopping cart system, and ship everything myself until I saw the Geek Store, now I'm wondering if there are any other sites like that offer the same kind of service, where you send in the artwork, they create the merchandise & handle all of the selling, shipping & customer service. I love the idea and I want to jump all over it, but before I do, I need to look into it a little more before I do. Basically my concerns are about the base prices for their merchandise. $13.99 for a t-shirt and $11.99 for a coffee mug are overpriced to begin with, so how could I raise that price to make any kind of profit?

Question for steve: What kind of results do you get from your Geek Store?
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