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I am going to be updating this thread a whole lot, with time. The first thread I will constantly update with COMPLETE information of a company and this second thread I will update with information of companies I personally know about and have heard of, but I do not know if they are good or bad.

More updates to come soon, please add your sources here as well, that is the best way to make the list "Complete".

When I update the lists, I will but "Credit Due To: $username" before the list of sites so people can easily know who listed them.

You can also always just scroll down and look through the replies for more complete posts, but for sake of compaction and easness I will also update the top threads with current posts. When posting, please do not quote the entire post above you, just simply list the sites. Thanks~!

Added like 10 more sites as well as nintendo's big size post next, special thanks for that!!!

I'd also like to thank adtegrity for adding's their site, I AM allowing that. I want to compile a COMPLETE list of advertising companies on the net and if you own one or a few, please feel free to post them, I just don't allow REFERRAL URL's. Simple links are perfect!

Keep'em coming, I'll most likely convert this list into a more professional REVIEW thread in the future when it's got alot more content. Cheers!
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