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I have been burned twice before. Once for under $500 with an ad network that doens't exist anymore and once for $1000+ with a popular popup company. And they both hurt like hell when it came time to pay my server bills.

Since I use ads to support my server bills and not my pocketbook, I honestly don't do a whole lot of homework. I find this forum to be an unmatched asset in my ability to support my website creating habit. Before I use ANYBODY, I come here and do a search on the company. If I see some positive remarks by posters I trust like Steve and Czar and Sashman and Rhea, I'll give them a try on a few sites. When I receive my first check, then I'll add them to more sites.

I would rather receive $1 CPM from a company with a positive reputation than $5 CPM from a company that drags their feet when support is needed, has ripped off someone I trust and/or doesn't pay on time.
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