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Question What criteria do you use when evaluating a NEW Network/Broker?

This post was inspired by Josh/Czar Given the fact that we continue to see NEW Networks/Brokers implode/fail at an alarming rate and have been watching this happen for many many years at GV, I have a question.

Assumption/Requirement: Your site can and will deliver compliant/legal traffic to a given network. Traffic which complies with the Networks Rules (the letter and spirit of same).


----> Do you join new networks? If no, then why not? If yes, you do join new networks, what criteria do you use to arrive at this decision? Does this involve "due dillegence" and if yes, what and how do you do this?

I would like to keep this thread "generic" in nature and am confident that those of you who find the time to post, will provide lots of details to help all of us.

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