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This may be of interest to you:

In the last 24 hours 141 unique members have visited geek/talk. This is tracked via the member session cookie which is very persistent. Only members in good standing can vote.

Any final conslusions may be premature given that just 75 folks have voted as of this post. Thats a bit higher than what I expsected but this is really unchartered water. Thanks for all of you who chose to participate.

The mecahnics and procedures are already under discussion at:

Thats the thread to use for these types of issues..

If I were to draw conclusions from our 75 votes it would be:

The majority of members can afford to pay $9.95 per month to use geek/talk </joke>

Seriously, I hope and pray everyone takes these Polls seriously and gives honest answers and only votes once. Natch, all Polls have a "fudge factor" or what some call an error factor.

The geek/talk member demographic is significantly different than the average run of the mill BB. Each Community has their own way of doing this so I'm respectfull of other methods and the fine Boards that do this. We do have Merchants who I presume voted as well as Corporate types. Thats one of our unique strengths Lets wait and see. This is our first real Poll in this Forum so it might take us some time to fine tune the procedure.

AND, speaking of Polls please take a minute and vote in our Speed Poll at:

Thanks and good luck.
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