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Fantastic thread As you point out, the roll out (Reporting) is a bit crude but clearly a step in the right direction and it will certainly help both the AdWords and AdSense folks long term.

I actually know a lot of Advertisers/AdWords folks who would be happy to review a given site before they are permitted to use the G code and or the clicks actually count.

They and myself argue that this shifts the labor of this task to them (the Advertiser) and not G so it costs G nothing and in theory could increase their cut of the pie. They know their space far better than a G employee and I'm sure Ralph or the G Man would validate this.

In this plan you would see quality sites with original content, legitimate clicks, relavent content, and sites who are not cheating and or "gaming" the system earn more money and the Advertiser's ROI would certainly increase.

While we could argue for years about the subjective nature of a site review, it really is a moot issue since I'm paying the bill as an Advertiser so this gives me the "right" to pick and choose exactly where my advert will appear. None of this is new stuff.

For example, If your site sells it's own advertising via the CPM model, you are subject to human review by a potential advertiser before they purchase their Campaign and thats exactly what you want, if you ever exspect to earn real money.

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