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I've had some success in the past with other people's lists...I now have started a few of my own.

Here is an article I wrote on this subject (I am hoping it will be included in an ezine). Sorry about the formatting


Top 50 and Top 100s lists are a quick way to get some free permanent links
to your site, and over time get a lot of traffic. Here are some tips on
these types of top-lists:

1. Make sure you join top 100s that you are comfortable linking to. If your
site is a "mainstream business" you will definitely want to avoid top lists
that contain pornographic links, ****s or spam-related stuff.

2. Join top 100s that are on the same or similar theme as your site. This
way you will tend to get more incoming hits from the list. If you have a
good text description you can gain lots of quality traffic even if you're
not near the top of the list. Remember it's not just getting traffic that
counts - but getting quality traffic - which means attracting visitors who
are likely to be interested in your product or service. Improve your odds
of getting quality traffic by find the right top list - and by carefully
composing the words you use in your link.

3. Join more than one top 50 or top 100. This gives you wider exposure.

4. You will get more incoming hits if you are nearer the top of a top 50 or
top 100. The way to get to the top is by having more surfers 'vote' for you,
by following a special link from your site to the top-list. Some webmasters
are worried about losing a visitor - however it's worth remembering that
virtually everybody who clicks thru to a top 100, would have probably left
your site anyway - so you might as well get some credit it for it.
Additionally if you're worried about the space required for several links,
either place the links in a smaller font, or use CGI or JavaScript to rotate
links to different top lists.

5. Some top lists reset their stats on a regular basis. The problem with
this, is that you lose 'credit' for any previous votes you have. In summary
resetting might be good for the top list owner - but it's no good for you!
Instead try and find ones that don't reset their stats, join early (so you
have more time to get 'votes'), and if possible join lists that have some
kind of anti-cheating mechanism in place (to stop webmasters repeatedly
voting for themselves and grabbing an unjustified top listing).

6. Top lists versus Free-For-All-Links ("FFA"): Another type of links list
you may be familiar with is FFA Links pages. Basically these are basically
scrolling lists of links - on a busy FFA - your link can scroll off in a
couple of hours. Additionally FFA owners' primary goal is to send people
who submit an acknowledgement e-mail - so most FFA owners don't promote
visits to the page. This is because most FFA submissions are done using
automated tools - so nobody may ever see your link. In contrast a Top sites
list is a permanent link to your site - and over time can generate hundreds
or thousands of extra hits on your site - especially if you make you use of the
information in this article to grab a top ranking.

-- These are just my opinions, and of course I'm biased. Good luck with your promotion

Add your site - to the top 100 - affiliate programs, free stuff, shareware, cars, games, sports....

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