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Default Re: What do you make per click to your sponsors (as an average)?

Originally posted by FirstMover

I am currently making around 6c per click on average on a mixture of the popular lead sponsors which I consider just "ok". I heard that most people do around 2c per click on Amazon. I always figure that if I can't make more than I would with, 3c per click, then something drastically wrong!

If Allclicks can extract greater value from a random, blind, untargetted user and I can't get the same from a fully targetted user, I need to spend some serious thinking hours in the shower.
From my understanding allclicks "real" rate is something closer to 0.5 cents per click after IP filtering, rules about page having to fully load. That was my experience anyway and I've spoken to others who have reported similar stats, so I wouldn't say that it outperforms Amazon.
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