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Question What do you make per click to your sponsors (as an average)?

I would suggest that per-click profit is one of the most important measures of a site's earning potential. Once you have the per-click equation correct, you can focus on building up traffic, and on getting visitors to click your adverts.

I am currently making around 6c per click on average on a mixture of the popular lead sponsors which I consider just "ok". I heard that most people do around 2c per click on Amazon. I always figure that if I can't make more than I would with, 3c per click, then something drastically wrong!

If Allclicks can extract greater value from a random, blind, untargetted user and I can't get the same from a fully targetted user, I need to spend some serious thinking hours in the shower.

Anyone else care to share what they make per click and what they make it on?

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