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My suspicion is that the three most recent posters to this forum have not given Steve's inser or Item 5 of the posting guide the attention that they deserve.

We treat official complaint threads very seriously, and follow a rigid set of guidelines for several specific reasons. Please respect this policy and only add positive comments that assist both parties in resolving the issue if you are not party to the incident. Negative comments should be made in a seperate thread in order to keep things clean here both for Robert and Tuan.

Let's be fair to those concerned, please.

As to my minor input, Singloon is quite right about the continued postal delays associated with SI's region of the world. Us Aussies received our FastClick checks well before the Standard Internet issues this month (with SI's posted 5 days earlier), as a result of Standard Internet being located in NJ - a region whose postal infrastructure was affected badly by the WTC and anthrax incidences. Given this fact, if Tuan's account is in good standing, he may very well receive payment tomorrow.

What I know of the BulkClicks issue is that this is not limited to Tuan's account, but affected a handful of those larger publishers whose traffic delivered through the program proved unproductive. In this case, as explained in the termination email, members in good standing will receive compensation in full for those clicks delivered prior to the termination date.

Robert will undoubtedly fill in the gaps as soon as he is available to do so. Until then, please refrain from cluttering this thread with unrelated or negative comments.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

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