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Default COMPLAINT: Standard Internet (AllClicks)

- Your complete and full real name
Adam Maysonet

- The exact URL of your site where this issue occurred

- Your email address of record with the vendor in question

- The exact nature and timing of your contact efforts via email and or phone.
Emailed both Robert @ Standard Internet and the admin @ AllClicks once on the morning of 9/26 and again in the late afternoon, then contacted him via private message through GeekVillage the next morning.

- The exact nature of your complaint. Devoid of profanity, efforts to defeat our filter, with your own facts and not here say. Please be civil, very specific, and adhere to our Posting Guidelines and our Rules.
After being with AllClicks for nearly a year, my account was terminated and I was notified of the reason only after repeated emails. Robert stated the cause was fradulent clicks, yet my earnings are proportional to the traffic I receive on my site and have not spiked or gone up unnaturally. I also have never cheated Standard Internet. I asked for the evidence, no response. I asked how long this cheating was going on for, no response. I asked for the "non-fradulent" money I earned, no response. Overall, I am seeking my earnings that I have legitimately earned - I have no wish to continue using AllClicks at this point.

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