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Thanks for all of your input in helping explain to folks the status of the getpaid4 program. Before too many people start thinking too many bad things about the program, however....

For 95+% of the people out there, hours are being recorded accurately and have been for weeks. We still have some compatibility issues with some folks coming through weird proxies that we are dealing with.

Regarding referrals, we believe that all referrals are stored 100% accurately, the only problem being displaying them currently. We are working on this, and expect to have them finished on or around the 15th of this month so as to include all referral monies for November's payouts without any delay.

Regarding the program as a whole, MANY of the problems have been fixed or will be fixed in the next day or two as we put out another update of the software. I thank everyone who has been willing to participate in our beta mode, and I hope that you are rewarded as the program begins to be quite a bit more stable and reliable.

John DeMayo

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