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I am sorry Steve but I feel that you are posting this definition is because of Tekno. I know they have banners top + bottom of this bulletin board.. When the owner posts that criticizing a company is bad on a board which is supposed to, it defeats all purpose.. I know Ryan bases most of his upgrades and downgrades on the members criticizing of sponsor companies.

I agree with fairhousing.. beta is not supposed to be public for everyone.. beta should be limited. GetPaid4 was good for me because I got an early chance to get referrals. Then they messed up they say they have a fix which I am faithful.

The majority consensus of the webmaster world is that Tekno is great. Some like myself say they are anther ad company which is reliable.. It's like everyone buys Pentium III when their product cannot compete with Athlon. AMD has a much better chip for graphics, internet surfing [rec. by cable companies], and gaming. Yet majority will cough up extra $$ on what they believe to be a better product and buy Intel.

When I have time and build my sponsor site I will be more strict on my experience and with opinions of fellow community members at this board.

Just my tired opinion
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