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In the begining ........
Originally posted by KP of Snooply:
I was thinking, why don't we all join forces. Keeping seperate ownerships. Count the traffic as one, get branded, and you never know DoubleClick might be pounding on our door, advertisers also?

It would be the same, cept we'd place something at the top, some kind of name, and go from there. But before we can even do that, I need to know who of you are interested and start a convo about this so we can get the disadvantages and advantages to this project.
What you are Talking about now is Creating a New Ad network - only run by YOU.

To come up with a Technolagy for a Ad network will require a Small mint.
Espasialy if you are thinking to offer all the services that the oder networks are offering seperatly - but under one roof.
Also to create somthing more smaller like in the original Idea will require Time and Money.

The original Idea was good - combine the Uniqs of lot's of small sitet - so when we go to a EXISTING ad network - we will get a better CPM or any other rate - since we have more Page View's. (now the question is whether the Ad network will agree to it.....).

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