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Default Editorial coverage please

We have excellent listings in Google, Yahoo, etc for our virtual tour website -

Explore Kew Gardens - online virtual tour (free)

We have also done two press releases through last year, which did not generate much traffic, but which DID improve our ranking in Google. (yes!)

What we need now is to get newspapers, magazines and websites to write about our virtual tour, and provide a link to it.

We tried sending out about 180 targetted emails to NO effect. Waste of time. We tried posting info about our website in Garden-type forums, some minor increases in traffic.

Aside from the old-fashioned way of actually looking up phone numbers and calling newspaper editors, etc, is there any other way of getting good promotion for our AWARD-WINNING virtual tour site?

We'd be willing to pay someone to get editorial coverage of the site.

Any recommendations?

William Donelson
wd (at) armchair-travel (dot) com

(And have a look at our Explore the Taj Mahal )

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