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I mentioned a while ago I was trying a new company for foreign traffic. I don't want to mention them and have people signup unless the actually pay...and ontime. I should be getting my first check June 15 so i'll keep everyone posted. I just send them foreign traffic and have an average of 16.5 cent ECPM. This includes traffic to china, europe...even antartica and Tonga (finally something for the Tonga metalheads). The company is a european company that recently setup shop in the US so they have good foreign expertise. They use DART, I know...there had to be a catch. I also haven't had any pops, activex installers or anything like that from them. Tech support has been very helpful and timely on responses. If anyone must know now, PM me. I just don't want to see anyone ripped off. I hope they don't swindle me as I have a nice chunk of change scheduled for payment next week.

sorry...forgot to mention they run 0% defaults. It's a lot of reasons like these that have left me a bit skeptical on the company. Things seem too good to be true. And we all know what that means with an ad company.

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