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I think the words I'm look for are: GOD, YES! .

I do well at monetizing US, Canada and UK but that still leaves some 20% of my traffic for which I earn little. I've tried without success to get into AdPepper to take the European traffic (though perhaps I should try again with my new bigger traffic numbers).

For me it's not worth targetting a country outside US, Canda, UK specifically (except for maybe Australia/NZ) since they individually don't add up to much. Still if I had a network that could take all the traffic outside the big 3 and make me something on it I'd jump on it in a second.

I've noticed actually that a couple of the ad networks seem to be trying to tackle the problem. GorillaNation resells AdPepper for Germany, France and maybe others. And 24/7 also seems to do some ads targetted outside the big 3. Still I seem to make very little off of them.
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