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I do see a very big difference between ads, as you mentioned specifically the one that said "GV for sale", and the ads that are included in this lawsuit...

Putting aside all of my personal feelings about ads and ethics, etc....the main "physical" difference is that the ads in the lawsuit contained elements, such as the "X button" in the top right hand corner, that I am sure many users clicked on with the intention of closing/ignoring the ad...and instead ended up at the advertisers site.

That above however, is not the main reason that I am not a fan of the ads...

There is also, back to my opinion, a huge line crossed when the ad implies that if you do NOT click on it, something bad will happen to your computer.... When you put that together with the "physical" elements of the ad mentioned above.....

If that same ad that was mentioned about Deodorant and Elevator women (does this ad really exist? ) was instead telling you that your current deodorant "may" cause sudden death, thus you should purchase a new deodorant....I don't think it would be considered anything BUT misleading.
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