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What you are doing is interfering with people's wishes to not view ads. That is their choice. If you force them to view them with these scripts, you are going to lose them and lose possible referrals to their friends who maybe don't have adblockers.
It's mainly an educational issue. My understanding of the intent of this subject header is not "let's fight back against our cheap surfers", but rather "let's fight back against the greedy and unethical manufacturers of ad blocking software".

I'd be willing to bet that most of the users of such software do not realise that what they're doing is wrong, and a threat to the free internet that we've all come to love. By directing such users to a page explaining that the site in question cannot survive unless they agree to view the ads (ie radio, free-to-air TV), or pay for the right to access the site (ie cable, press), one may win the user's empathy or, at the very least, understanding.

If you view the sites promoting ad-blocking software, you'll find that they're so full of propagander and false claims inferrring that ad blocking doesn't hurt anyone, but allows users to avoid an unnecessary evil of the net. As publishers, we have a vested interest in ensuring that users don't believe this to be true.

Let's face it, the media giants will be able to endure small threats such as this, but the indies who add real flavor to the web are at risk when this is compounded with what is already a weak ad market.

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