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Default Re: ClickXChange Help

Originally posted by collegepoetry
Hi all, first time poster, long time reader ... I was hoping someone could give me advice regarding ClickXChange Affiliate programs. I started up an affiliate program there about a month ago, I've approved over 20 affiliates, but none of them seem to want to put up my links, save one site. The set rate is .05, which I thought was pretty good ....

Is this normal ? I've been pretty selective regarding which sites I accept, usually only about 1 out of 7 or 10, so maybe I just need to be less selective about matching my content to the content of the affiliate. I've been mostly only accepting humanities-related sites. To accept more affiliates though I would probably have to lower the commission rate.

Thanks in advance for the advice ...

"Don't screen people out. Those who appear powerless or
insignificant may be stars waiting to rise. Someday, they may become
key nodes in your network--and create a huge opportunity for you."

- Tim Sanders, Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer, in Fast Company

My feelings are that affiliate networks/program managers should "not" reject/cancel sites except maybe adult sites, those committing fraud, promoting hatred, etc..

You create bad Karma and potential negative word-of-mouth by rejecting/canceling sites. I personally build sites around affiliate programs or themes thus I often even don't even have a site built when I apply for an affiliate program. I honestly feel that affiliate programs/networks that reject sites left and right "just don't get it".

Larry Wentz
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