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The pop-ups which appear are one determing factor on why my visits to Geek/Village are less frequent now. I dont mind seeing one every time I visit, but every time I visit a forum and press "Back" on my browser to see the sammeeeee pop-up is a bit unnecessary.

One of my favorite things about Geek/Talk used to be its limited number of forums. Now there are like 238470017243073426 forums!!! Its too time consuming for me to visit each one when I get on here for just a few minutes.

But with that said, Geek Talk is still a wonderfull forum that just needs to undergo some small changes. Maybe Steve could post a topic asking for users basically to Rip his site apart -maybe a..............*gasp* "site review"*gasp* Sure most of the suggestions might be totally ridiculous, but I'm sure there would be a few good ones!
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