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Coming out of the computers area and not the design I also (off cource) prefer the good old ways of raw HTML.
My first tryls on HTML were before there even was a thing like Notpad. when it came I have triad netscape composer but ddin't like it.
Now I am working with AceHTML.
It is a text based like good Ol' Notpad (that I still use from time to time) but also mark the text in colors like in the programing editors upon I have learnd Pascal and C++.
It also have some nice options to Incert and modefiy stuff on the editing area what make it very fast to work with.
One of it's nices things is a preivew window to see the page. This preview page can be made to simulate diferand screen sizes and is very easy and good to work with.
O yes - It's FREE !!!
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