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I have always been a notepad user but since my accident that left me a quadriplegic with one half decent finger inputting text is hard enough so hand coding HTML is too much work. Ok I know I could still breakout Notepad and hand code a site but it would take me a year to get out 1 page. LOL

I now use Adobe Golive to lend me a hand. (no pun intended) LOL

I have always been an Adobe guy and when they came out with a WYSIWYG editor it seemed only normal to with it. I really enjoy using it, especially sine the newest version is pretty integrated with all my other Adobe products I have.
The one bad thing about using this type of editor is you sometimes forget some hand coding. Yep it's true, if you don't use it you will lose it. LOL

Golive is pretty good in not messing with code you input manually and it's pretty good with HTML. I have only had to go in a couple times to have to add a little extra to a script that it makes.
It also has some really cool actions that really help do things faster.

OK, I will get off my sales pitch and just say I use Golive. LOL


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