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I agree with most of the arguments posted here on the WYSIWYG vs text issue. When I first learned HTML, I didn't have the know how to do anything special. I created (Please don't laugh! This was like 5 years ago, and my personal page doesn't even reflect me now! Ughhhh!!!! So ugly!!!!!!! And I can't remember my login info so I can just delete everything!!!)

Next came Frontpage, then Dreamweaver.

My little sister is trying to make her own website on the net, but she seems perfectly happy with Yahoo's pagebuilder or whatever it's called. I wish she'd try out HTML first, it really is good for just understanding what the WYSIWYG's are actually doing to your site.

But in general, I like the WYSIWYG's the most for their ability to generate tables before I can even say it. And always knowing HTML tags at late hours when my brain can no longer actively remember them all

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