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All this talk of Notepad, FrontPage and Geocities is bringing back memories of several years ago when I first started this stuff

I remember when I first found GeoCities I was like "Wow, they just give you free space!?!".

RE: NotePad - I use a variant of NotePad - EditPad a lot for PHP Code. I don't ever use it for HTML - You can do manual editing of HTML in the panel in DreamWeaver

DreamWeaver is actually pretty smart about not making dirty code. There is also a thing you can run in it (Clean Up HTML) that will clean up any messes it did make. It makes creating complex tables a snap and is several times quicker than coding manually.

A lot of people find out I use DreamWeaver and tell me how dumb I am, I should be using NotePad and doing it "Old School". That may be fine at a geek contest for getting you a nice pocket protector or something, but in my book, if you can create a site in 1/5 of the time that looks relatively close and isn't unreasonably bloated, you're coming out ahead

Yes, DreamWeaver and others like it are expensive. But DreamWeaver has more than payed for itself by now. Also, someone mentioned its a resource hog - Pick up some more RAM I think you can get 256 MB for under $40, and that will more than do the trick. I have 768MB in my desktop and 384MB in my iBook right now DreamWeaver runs great, and doesn't slow down my system at all, even with a few IE sessions open, Outlook Express open, Excel, FireWorks, ICQ and a slew of other programs.

Just some thoughts
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