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Problem is all these free content sites that are going belly up are making 2 big mistakes...

1. relying on non-performanced based advertiser. Who wants to pay for advertising without guaranteed results. I make 90% of income from performance based advertising i.e. CJ and I am doing very well.

2. EMPLOYEES. Take a free content site and hire 30 employees. Even with a paltry 40,000$ salary for each one (not even counting health benefits) that's 1.2 million in annual income... wow.... thats harsh....they could make 1 million a year and go bankrupt. I have no employees, I hire people for individual projects as necessary, better than fixed expenses. At most a free content site would need 3 or 4 employees perhaps, unless they are a monster. And even if i make 10% of a million, i still turn a nice profit.
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