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I have introduced some confusion in this poll because I assumed we all know what the terms mean. So, after reading a few posts in this thread let me explain and please accept my appolagies.

The original question which has never been changed or been edited:

"What is your pre-tax net profit for calendar year 2001?"

1) Calendar year 2001 begins on 1/1/01 and runs through the current day.

It's NOT the last 365 days or the last year. It's sometimes refered to as "year to date"

2) "pre-tax net profit" for the purposes of this poll is and a ballpark definition for self employed folks is :

I cashed checks for $12,000.00 for CPA, CPM, and CPC campaigns for period 1/1/01 through today. Thats your gross and NOT your net. It's never your NET as all business have exspenses.

3) I spent a total of $7,000.00 for the period 1/1/01 through the current day for EXSPENSES like hosting, advertising, custom coding work, rent, graphic artists fees.

4) My "...pre-tax net profit for calendar year 2001" is NOT $12,000.00. My pre-tax net is:

12k minus 7k = 5K

5) Salaried GEEKS of which we have plenty get a "pay stub" which showes gross earnings and net.

Again, my appolagies.

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