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i just went thru my little box-o-receipts and tallied that i made $14921.43 in profits in the last 365 days. Im very proud of myself even tho many of ya'll make 10X that... The only sad part is that i dont really think ill ever make that much again in a year from the web........... WELL MAYBE! Im soon to launch a new really tight program called skinbot... Ill be sure to show you all this program before i launch it. Its a new exciting thing that allows you to have skins on your browser (without the gross ad bar that hotbar makes you have).

Again, as I posted months ago.... I feeeeeeeel SOOO lucky that i, joe shmo, was able to find out about the net while you could still make money relativily easily. I feel sorta sad for the other million's of american teens who werent as fortunate.

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