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Originally posted by ValueAd:
If networks not allowed to modify code how come you guys buying ad serving products?
Didn't you get kicked out for that or you negotiate with the network? Just wonder.

My personal opinion: If you do sell ad inventory on your own then you do need it, if you work with the network why would you even want it? Combine 2-3 networks together?
I see no point here my self.

Ad serving software that supports rich-media (which most do) delivery does not, in effect, modify the code supplied by each ad network, so this does not breach their terms. Of course, if a publisher wishes to use an ad rotator that only supports simple-media, they should seek approval from an admin before going ahead with this.

As for the last part of your question/opinion, ad serving software is useful (if not essential) for publishers who use networks from an administrative point of view. Not only does it give publishers the ability to avoid manually editing potentially thousands of pages whenever they need or wish to change their ad code, but it provides them with the ability to weigh campaigns and mix-n-match ad sources on the fly.

Yes, iframes, SSI, Javascript and the like can serve this purpose to some extent, but many publishers (myself included) prefer the simplicity and reportability of professional ad serving software.

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