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That sounds like complete nonsense. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this another of some ignorant people jumping the gun on the whole race issue?

Look, Value Click has stated that they are only intererested in sites with English content, and US visitors. Yep, visitors that are from the USA.

Perhaps Value Click employees aren't very bright, and reject any Indian based sites without considering where the traffic comes from - they just assume. That may be the case, but it's a far cry from racism.

Do you think there is some big conspiracy going around the multi million dollar company? Do you think the owners of Value Click have singled out Indian sites, because they hate the country?

If so, then they are also racist against the Chinese, the British, Canadians, and just about any country outside of the US. The company has been trying to get away from as much non US content as possible, to please advertisers.

They have also recently raised the bar for quality standards. It is now almost as hard to get into Value Click as it is Burst - something that was very different 2 years ago. It is possible that sites with lower quality or of untargeted audiences are being terminated.

Have a look into the various options, but don't resort to playing that silly race game.
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