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This is scary "Thus, starting in March, Google plans to allow its advertisers to "blacklist" certain IP addresses for whatever reason, such as suspicion of click fraud or simply because their clicks never lead to a sale, he said."

I may click on a random ad here and there, it could be from any ad network, because it caught my eye, but didn't buy anything. If adsense advertisers are going to start blacklisting IPs because of no sales, then they sure as hell better have a good reason apart from lack of sales from clicks.

Take AOL IPs for instance. Forums could have a gazillion totally different members with the same IP, same goes for many ISPs around the world. Compare a forum population to the mega-gazillion random surfers around the world who share the same IP and may surf sites, click on an ad and not buy anything. They are cutting off their nose to spite their face in my opinion.
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