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Default Another new local search engine

There seems to be a growing interest in local search. At least search engines are really becoming interested in it, and some of the new small ones are rather good at what they do.

A new one has been launched that says it features a patented technology called "ground to web." The interface says it is easy to use. It may or may not show your correct location when you first use it, but that can be changed by just typing in your zip code, and then use that page as your start page. It also contains local weather.

It is also possible to advertise using a bid system and pay a reasonable price.

Your results may be different from mine depending on your location and searches you decide to make, but I was pleased with the test results I found. But a few were not too good.

It will tell you how far a particular business is from you and also give you the opportunity to view a map. In many cases it will list the website of the business.

The name of this new local search engine is TrueLocal, and here is a link to it
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