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I think u missed one important point in my early reply that there is huge language barrier to build a site for eurpean ppl.Even if u make one ,in the end u will never be able to compete local sites.
Imagine building a site for french ppl ,the total poplation is 20 million approx. .How many of us know that in france they dont have @ on their keyboard.I was there in france and i had to take local assistance to operate my hotmail account.
Regarding Indian internet traffic ,its miniscule compared to USA traffic and the growth is somewhat similar to usa traffic growth.
local Ebay in india doesnt achieve even 20 million pageviews in India.even is among top ten sites here and in usa we r not even among top 5000 sites.
Anybody who builds a site specially for india,good luck to him.
I cant say much about other countries ,in India mobile traffic growth is much higher compared to internet grwoth and ppl and kids r surfing less and less every day.The internet traffic growth is slowing to almost 30% per annum not only india but also worldwide.
maybe u want to sound always very optimistic to the rest of the world becuase u a maybe wanting more and more ppl to become webmasters which will be ultimately good for your site.
I bet even even geekvillage growth must be slowing down in last one year.I will be very much intersted in knowing your growth pattern as I believe you have an excellent site and site like yours can be a good barometer for other sites.
So the point is in last one year the major growth is coming from increase in ad rates and once it slows down then there will trouble for everybody.
Anyway its good to have counter views in forums.
that makes them clicking
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