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Even before selecting specific sponsors, be sure that you know what your site is about. And make it a fairly tight focus.

It may be good idea to split up your different areas of interest into separate sites. Articles on computer gear might seem like they could go onto the same site with aticles about car electronics, or kitchen gadgets, but I would suggest doing each category as a separate site. Likewise, mortgages and health insurance are both financial supjects, but I would keep them onto their own tightly-focused sites.

Never try to compete with wide-ranging big names like Yahoo, etc.

Also consider the amount of competition in certain categories (financial, music, etc), compared to some other, less competative topic. In the first case, you could be the "low man on the totem pole," but in the second case, your could be the "big fish in a small pond," which could potentially get a better financial bottom line.

('Scuse me, just experiencing a little cliche' attack there... Facing some nose-to-the-grindstone content-writing at the moment.)
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