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Hi larwee, I'm like you and like to post helpful tips and thought inspiring thread starters. I think you write VERY helpful posts. I stopped being active here for awhile, but now that things have a changed, I will try to visit and post more often. (Thanks, Czar. I'm also going to start advertising here again too. Ad coming at you today!)

Pilatus - there are 2 primary type of people on this forum today.
Those who know a lot and are open to sharing advice like larwee
and people like you, who *think* they are clueless and can benefit from others tips and ideas.

The REALLY cool think about this forum, is someday hopefully you will learn and become an expert like larwee and share with other newbies. What goes around, comes around and like larwee said, we all had to start learnign somewhere.

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