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There is no connection whatsoever between Adlogix my former employer and As you may or may not know Adlogix Media Group is no longer in business. I worked for Adlogix for the better part of 3 years and was also a share holder. I was responsible for the technology development at the company. I am involved in as one of the founders and we hope to bring the vision we wanted to see grow at Adlogix come to life in this new venture. Due to pending litigation I am not at liberty to discuss much regarding the demise of Adlogix but needless to say I lost big time when Adlogix went out of business. I am the ONLY former employee of Adlogix involved in Demologic. The rest of the team come from other Ventures in the same area of expertise. We will be opening offices in Vancouver, Florida and Hamburg Germany officially as of Feruary 1st. Please feel free to ask if I have not covered this subject well enough. Steve that is my personal cell phone number and I will charge it up right now you can call me on it in 15 minutes should you wish to talk.
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